Thursday, January 18, 2007

My thoughts on the New England vs. Indianapolis Game!

Basically, my thoughts on the game are this:
As you may or may not know, my 3 top favourite teams are the Ravens, the Patriots, and the 49ers. So last weekend, I was obviously cheering for the Pats and the Ravens. Both of them get a shot at Indianapolis who I don't like too much. When New England won in San Diego last weekend, I realized that this coming sunday would be a great matchup once again between the Pats and the Colts. Obviously with the game being in Indy, I know it will be a tough game for Brady and the Patriots.

My Breakdown of the game (a la Ron Jaworski reviewing game tape in between commercials):

Why I think Indy will win:

1. I think the Colts obviosuly have the advantage of being in the dome but also because they play on the turf. I feel like they are more used to playing on it and with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison both, who are great route runners that thrive on playing on the turf, I believe will have a great game on Sunday. It doesn't help that one of New England's leaders, Rodney Harrison will be out with an injury.

2. Indy's Defence has played great in the past 2 playoff games against Kansas City and Baltimore. Now with Bob Sanders back in the lineup as well, it has definetely helped.

3. Joseph Addai has looked more and more impressive late in the season as well as in the playoffs. He gives me flashbacks of his LSU days while playing against the likes of Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee.

4. Adam Vinatieri, nough said!

Why I think New England will win:

1. Brady and alot of the Patriots that won 3 super bowls are still on the team. They are leaders and they know how to win in the playoffs (Vrabel, Bruschi, Brady, Dillon, Seymour, Troy Brown and of course Bill Belichick).

2. New England's Offence is more complex and versatile than Kansas City and Baltimore. They have 2 active and fast tight ends in Daniel Graham and Ben Watson. Former Gators Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney have easily outplayed Wayne and Harrison in both playoff games.
Brady can throw about 35-40 times and they can still win. Maroney and Dillon can run all day and they can grind it out. I feel like they have more ways of attacking you than anyone else.

3. The Pats seem to always have luck on their side, and as evidence in the San Diego game, they always have bounces go their way. But I believe that good teams always get these things go their way. I believe that it will continue for the Pats this Sunday.

Prediction: Pats in a close one. Stephen Gostkowski has looked good and he will be the difference on Sunday. Pats 27-24 Colts!

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